“With his retro punk style, Jack Sledge has created energy to drive out your demons for good with Notes of a Drifter. ” – Melissa Clarke, Americana Highways (3/30/20)

Notes of a Drifter sees Sledge at perhaps his most introspective, with musings on what actually constitutes freedom in modern American society and even feeling a sense of freedom from yourself. It’s an EP that is about as American as apple pie.” – Aaron Willshick, V13 (4/1/20)

“‘Drifter’ begins with music akin to an old-western movie, melody matching mood matching lyrics is a trifecta the best of stories hits.” – Kelly McCafferty, Atwood Magazine (3/16/20)

“A twanging roots cat that grew up in Brooklyn in the 90s redefines what the Americana dream is about to those on the outside looking in for modern times. A four song taste of what he has up his sleeve, this cat knows how to hit the target and leave you wanting more.” – Midwest Records (2/17/20)

“Contemporaries of Jack Sledge can come off feeling stale and unimaginative, but what sets Hardly Ruined apart is how earnest Donovan’s songs are. Overall, it documents a soulful and introspective approach to our modern world through the context of an old-world sound.” – Robert Landry, Antigravity (10/11/18)

Hardly Ruined, a followup to [Sledge’s} solo debut (2017’s Alabama Snow) … expand[s] his psychedelic songwriting with fuzzy country-folk nuggets, rounded out by drummer Ray Micarelli (Video Age), bassist Andrew Landry (Sexy Dex and the Fresh) and pedal steel from Frenchmen Street staple Sean Riley.”
-Alex Woodward, Gambit (9/21/18)